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History of the Primrose Inn

Primrose Inn

The Primrose Inn was built in 1878 by Col. William F. Holland, a banker from Savannah, Georgia. Col. Holland chose the prestigious address on Mt. Desert Street to be his summer residence.

The design of the house is what is commonly known as "Stick Style" Victorian. This architectural style reached its height of popularity around the country in the late 1870s and early 1880's.

In the same year that the Primrose was built, St. Saviours Episcopal Church finished the construction of its new sanctuary a few blocks away on Mt. Desert Street. Around 1882 Col. Holland sold the Primrose to Christopher Starr Leffingwell, who had become the first Rector (Pastor) for St. Saviours Church.

Having survived the "Great Fire of 1947" thanks to a fortuitous change in the winds, the Primrose Inn remains one of the last grand residences of the 19th Century in Bar Harbor.

The Innkeeper Melissa Collier DeVos bought the Inn on April 23, 2012. Melissa has been in the lodging business for 30 years. She and her family owned and operated the Bar Harbor Motel on Eden Street. In January of 2012 they sold the motel and Melissa purchased the Primrose Inn, continuing her career.

Melissa and the Primrose Inn staff look forward to serve the thousands of guests from all over the world that come thru the Primrose Inn's front door each year and to assist their guests in their quest to relax and recharge.